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Leadership Accelerator for DEIB Professionals

A Group Program for Senior Managers, Directors, and Senior Directors

Are you charged with making big change happen in your organization, but not supported in the same ways that executives are?

Are you passionate about making a difference as a DEIB leader, but need support to get there without burning yourself out?

Effective work in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging requires skills in leadership, change management, influencing, and communications. It requires feeling supported, and having an environment in which to explore the challenges you run into.


And yet many organizations hire people into DEIB roles without providing much-needed support and leadership development opportunities.


Coaching, community, and meaningful conversation can be great sources of support.

This program provides a unique opportunity to get exposure and experience to executive- level coaching within a community of other DEIB professionals in an environment where co-participants truly understand the unique struggles of this work.

This program provides a unique opportunity to get exposure and experience to executive- level coaching within a community of other DEIB professionals in an environment where co-participants truly understand the unique struggles of this work.

  • Ideal for leaders in Senior Manager- to Senior Director-level DEIB roles who want to boost their leadership game and prepare for next-level leadership roles.

  • You want to be an effective change leader who doesn’t burn out, and who’s building a growth path for yourself as well as for your organization.

  • While the material we’ll cover applies to leadership and change management in any area, this will be a dedicated space for DEIB practitioners to explore these concepts and skills as applied to their work. Because, as you know, the work of DEIB brings its own unique nuances, pressures, obstacles, and frustrations.

Who Would Benefit

Results You Can Expect

  • Stronger leadership skills – and the ability to clearly tell your story as an effective leader

  • A stronger sense of confidence, purpose, and balance in your work

  • Tools for effective delegation, offering feedback and having hard conversations, amplifying your voice, and securing influence

  • Reduce risk of burnout

What You Get

The support, guidance, tools, and resources usually reserved for executives, including:

  • A three-month package to support your growth and learning via 

    • Seven 90-minute group sessions to accelerate your development with the power of community

    • Four 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions to deep dive into the areas in which you need additional support

    • Partner sessions to deepen your learning in between group sessions

    • Support between meetings via Slack so that you get the support when you need it most

  • One-to-one exploration of your deepest challenges with support for change – the type of support that executives routinely get in coaching engagements.

  • The community you’ve always wished you had while doing this work: A mutual support network within a small group (4 to 8 people) so you get the benefit of working with others while getting the dedicated individual time and focus that you need.

We'll Focus On

  • Engaging to grow your career

    • Defining your leadership principles and your personal growth path

    • Avoiding burnout

  • Managing up to increase your impact and create future career opportunities

    • Owning your narrative

    • Securing influence

    • Making the case for value and advocating for your budget/resources

  • Communicating across your organization to build support for your work

    • Building strategic partnerships and engaging others in your work

    • Amplifying your voice and boosting others

  • Communicating “down the ladder” to build team effectiveness

    • Effective delegation

    • Sharing feedback and saying “the hard thing”

  • Change management to make things happen

    • Approaches to effective organizational change

“As an Asian American female leader passionate about making a difference in health and well-being, working with Robin has been professionally life-changing. I've found a stronger sense of confidence, purpose and balance in my work with her coaching."

What My Clients Say

Robin "brings her many years of experience as an executive into coaching as well as her experience as a woman in the workplace. She is skilled at coaching leaders to effectively communicate in a direct, clear, concise yet nurturing way."
"Robin asked perceptive questions to bring me to an understanding of the best path forward. Her guidance, which always included good humor and a caring attitude, gave me confidence and helpful approaches to resolve challenging situations with positive outcomes."

Why I'm Offering this Program

My name is Robin Weinick

A few people have suggested that I become a DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) Professional. I don’t agree.


It’s true that I’ve taken a number of steps in my career in support of diversifying workplaces, and have worked to identify areas in which there are inequities in health care that significantly harm Black and Latino individuals.


And yet: the DEIB profession doesn’t need another woman who looks like me and has my background and life experiences.


And yet: DEIB professionals are asked to make enormous organizational change, and often don’t have the support they need to do it effectively and without burning out.

This program is my contribution to support DEIB professionals by helping you grow skills in leadership, change management, influencing, and communications - and providing an environment in which to explore the challenges that DEIB professionals run into.

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“Robin allowed me the space to formulate my own thoughts around any given issue. She helped me identify root causes and barriers so that I can come up with solutions and reframe my approach when necessary. She never told me what to do or how to think. Instead she listened, provided tools and insight which allowed me to come up with my own process in finding resolutions."
"I knew I wanted to invite Robin to ... our members-only space focused on advancing disability leadership and advocacy. We had a great session with about 15 disabled attendees and it was ... powerful. Robin not only made all of our attendees feel valued and appreciated, but she also kept us engaged throughout the hour-long virtual session with the way that she listened and reflected our shares back to the group. We are taking many of our learnings from the session and implementing them back into our team." 


The program will be fully remote. Recordings will be made only of presentation content, available for two weeks after each meeting, with access provided only to those individuals participating in the group.

We’ll meet every other Wednesday from February 1, 2023 through April 26, 2023 from 2:00 – 3:30 eastern standard time.

The total investment for this program is $3,200 per person.

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