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My Philosophy

I believe in the power of big questions and small experiments; being deeply curious about the diverse perspectives people bring; and making the world a better place.


I build deep partnerships with stakeholders to achieve goals; connect dots that may not be obvious; and balance strategy with a people-first approach. I see possibilities everywhere, and am deeply drawn to helping others build their leadership skills, supporting teams in working together positively, and facilitating complex conversations.

Robin Weinick, PhD
Coach & Facilitator

About Me

I've known since childhood that my deepest desire is to understand, connect with, and support other people.


I’ve had the joy and the privilege of doing just that over my career. As a senior executive with multi-million dollar P&L responsibility in multiple organizations, I’ve worked with staff at all levels, from entry-level colleagues through executive leadership teams and Boards.


Along the way, I've doubled a division's revenue to $75M annually in less than five years; launched a successful new line of business within a $1B/year nonprofit, creating new revenue streams; maintained a staff retention rate significantly better than industry benchmarks; designed and disseminated training for a life-saving emergency department triage tool that is now in use in 80 percent of American hospitals; developed and led client relations trainings for nearly 500 staff, significantly improving clients' perceptions of our teams; and coached dozens of colleagues as they grew their careers, moved into new positions, and tackled complex situations.


I’m a skilled leader of strategic planning and organizational change to support growth, enable the start of new business lines, and a build a positive workplace culture. With more than 25 years of in-depth experience with health care in the US, I’m also intimately familiar with the challenges of meeting the needs of a wide range of clients and stakeholders.


Throughout my career, I’ve made the tough decisions and coached others in making them – choices about people, projects, organizations, and revenue. I’ve helped deliver outcomes, improve how teams work, and support individual growth by facilitating retreats, workshops, and complex conversations, and by coaching individual leaders and teams.


Beyond that, I’m a former yoga teacher with an ongoing yoga and meditation practice. Three decades into my internal journey, I’m well-positioned to be fully present for others and support them on their paths as authentic leaders. I’m especially committed to working with mission-driven individuals and organizations in support of their goals and their teams’ growth.


I’ve benefited from numerous training and growth opportunities that have helped me build my coaching and facilitation skills. These includes Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being at George Mason University, Team Coaching with Corentus, the Facilitation Masterclass with The Conversation Factory, Human-Centered Design with LUMA, Leading for Creativity with IDEO U, and Negotiation and Leadership at the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

I'm an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach and member of the Association of Coaches.



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