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Client Success Stories

You are sensitive to people’s unique needs in ways that allow them to express things that may be uncomfortable but nonetheless important to discuss. When things get dark and chaotic, you are able to connect dots and create logical, obtainable, and measurable steps to get back on the right path.

As an Asian American female leader passionate about making a difference in health and well-being, working with Robin has been professionally life-changing. I've found a stronger sense of confidence, purpose and balance in my work with her coaching.

Robin helped me organize and articulate my thoughts – our conversations helped me see what I knew but didn’t realize that I knew. She coached me to understand the broader context of opportunities and helped me to identify specific action steps that I can use to hold myself accountable for change.


You’ve been a huge help in getting me landed and setting me up to make meaningful change in the organization.

Our work together has exceeded my expectations.

My life has been completely changed in just the few short weeks we’ve been working together.


Everyone in a leadership role needs a Robin.


Robin brings her many years of experience as an executive into coaching as well as her experience as a woman in the workplace. She is skilled at coaching leaders to effectively communicate in a direct, clear, concise yet nurturing way.

Robin facilitated a retreat that helped us all get into a future mindset, identify new options and explore opportunities, and build stronger relationships. She was able to engage typically reticent team members. We came away with clear action steps to support our strategy, and had fun along the way.

Robin asked perceptive questions to bring me to an understanding of the best path forward. Her guidance, which always included good humor and a caring attitude, gave me confidence and helpful approaches to resolve challenging situations with positive outcomes.


Robin allowed me the space to formulate my own thoughts around any given issue. She helped me identify root causes and barriers so that I can come up with solutions and reframe my approach when necessary. She never told me what to do or how to think. Instead she listened, provided tools and insight which allowed me to come up with my own process in finding resolutions.

Robin's ability to unpack decision processes allowed me to see how I could articulate the things I knew and the ends I wanted to achieve. And then she helped me identify management strategies to connect the dots between them.

Robin is naturally skilled in coaching, having a keen interest in seeing others succeed. Robin is also aware of the organizational systems and processes that affect people's performance and well-being. She is a dynamic leader who balances her skills in advising with her capacity to listen and to reflect.


“You've had such an incredible impact on me, and I'm certain I'll continue to reap the rewards for years to come”

“Robin, you were/are amazing. One of the best facilitators. Thank you for starting the conversation with our leaders.” “I think this is just the beginning.” “Thank you for creating a safe platform.”

“Thank you again for facilitating our sessions, I know there were some “uncomfortable” moments but you guided us through them wonderfully.” “This is hard work, thanks for helping us through it.”

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