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Is This Where You and Your Team Are?


You’re looking to deliver outcomes and impact, create a better workplace, improve communications, and grow skills for you and your next generation stars – but balancing business needs and your mission is hard.

You want to have everyone on board with your mission, strategy, and tactics – but crafting the clear story that resonates at all levels of the organization is challenging.

You want to be planning for the future with a stronger strategy to drive revenue and impact, a more positive organizational culture, and better client relations – but the day-to-day gets in the way.

You want to move forward ...

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... but you're not sure you can do it on your own.

Vice President, RTI International

Strong leaders and teams know there's a better way

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You need an experienced thought partner to support you, challenge you, energize you, and bring new ideas. To open up the conversation. To help you find possibilities and chart a path to get there.

You want more than someone to listen and provide general advice. You want someone who truly "gets" it - the business, the people, and the mission.

Working on your own or with your team, you're looking for a coach, consultant, or facilitator who will support you in creating deep and lasting impact.


I’m Robin Weinick, a Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator. 


I’ve been the senior executive in challenging situations and have delivered proven results.

I help purpose-driven leaders and teams increase their impact, deliver outcomes, improve conversations, and take better care of themselves and their teams.

I’ll ask lots of questions, and together we’ll design small experiments.


I’ll pique your curiosity and support you in exploring diverse perspectives and options on issues that matter to you.


We’ll work on strategy, innovation, problem solving, organizational culture, and team challenges.

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Why "Resonant"?

The Oxford Dictionary defines "resonant" as a quality of being "deep, clear and continuing for a long time."

Like a sound wave, resonant ideas carry further.

Resonant teams accomplish more and have happier members.

Resonant leaders carry their teams far, and deepen their impact.

"Robin asked perceptive questions to bring me to an understanding of the best path forward. Especially impressive was her ability to understand the issues and offer very helpful insights. Her guidance, which always included good humor and a caring attitude, gave me confidence and helpful approaches to resolve challenging situations with positive outcomes." 

Doris Rouse

Vice President

RTI International

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