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What Conversations Are You Having?

Strategic Planning

Ideation and Innovation

Organizational Change

Do you need to envision possibilities for the future? To collaboratively build a plan to take you where you want to go?

Are you trying to unleash creativity to generate new ideas and approaches and inspire a collaborative culture?

Are you aiming to thoughtfully plan organizational change and implementation with the right people around the table?

Executive and Board

Problem Solving and
Decision Making

Team Building

Are you looking to engage the whole team while building buy-in, using participatory decisionmaking?

Do you want to immerse the Board or C-Suite in collaborative efforts to move your organization forward?

Are you working to create a more cohesive team, improve communication, and ensure alignment?

Our team needed to give serious thought to our future direction and how we were going to prepare for a future that held greater uncertainty at that time than ever before. Robin facilitated a retreat that helped us all get into a future mindset, identify new options and explore the opportunities and risks associated with them, and build stronger relationships among team members. She was able to engage typically reticent team members which allowed for a richer conversation that included a variety of perspectives. We came away with clear action steps to support our strategy, and had fun along the way. 


Maggie Cole-Beebe

Program Director

RTI International

A Partner Can Deepen Your Conversation

Retreats, workshops, conferences, and meetings are key to connecting with colleagues, partners, and clients. Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, hopes are often high that these gatherings will be productive.

Designing specifically for the change that you want to see is essential for gatherings to have impact and create sustainable change. That means planning activities, time for conversation, and follow-up right from the start to ensure the gathering delivers and participants enjoy their time.

An external facilitator can level the playing field, ensure that everyone participates, bring an unbiased eye toward design, and supply fresh ideas to help achieve your goals.

How I Can Help



I facilitate workshops, retreats, conferences, and complex conversations with groups of any size, from entry-level staff through Board members. My work drives results. For example, working together with stakeholders, we have:


  • Designed survey instruments now used in hospitals throughout the U.S.

  • Agreed on principles for the use of health care payment mechanisms to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in health care in Massachusetts

  • Built strategic plans to unite separate programs within a business division in a time of great uncertainty to deliver on the division’s goals

Make your meetings, workshops, and retreats productive and fun. Ensure that time spent together produces lasting results. My professional network includes outstanding event planners, graphic recorders, and experts in the use of online collaboration tools.

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