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I'm Robin. I get to the heart of things so you can get stuff done.

I didn't know what I didn't know.

When I moved from the research side of health care to the executive suite, I wasn’t prepared for the shifts I needed to make.


For the first time I had to:

  • Build relationships and influence others organization-wide

  • Communicate expectations clearly and consistently

  • Balance organizational goals and my team’s needs at the same time

Through trial and error, I learned to be a better leader. But it was hard, and I felt alone.


Over a nearly 30-year career,
I translated my research and policy skills to the e
xecutive environment and  got. stuff. done.


This included:

  • Managing a team of nearly 200 with a budget of $75M 

  • Launching a successful new business line to generate new revenue streams

  • Winning awards for our team’s performance  

  • Improving clients’ perception of our teams

  • Retaining staff at rates better than industry average

Here's what I know for sure:

You will deliver great results because you’re smart
and you care.


I can help you do it with less stress, more confidence, and a little more laughter along the way.


I help purpose-driven leaders increase their impact, deliver outcomes, improve conversations, and take better care of themselves and their teams.
Here are two ways we can work together:

1-1 Executive Coaching
Personal support for your professional growth
Team Facilitation
Build trust and get more done together.

"Robin asked perceptive questions to bring me to an understanding of the best path forward. Her guidance—which always included good humor and a caring attitude—gave me confidence and helpful approaches to resolve challenging situations with positive outcomes."

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