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What do you want to improve?




Are you looking to grow your effectiveness as a leader? To exceed expectations, even when they're high?


Solve today's challenges while preparing for next-level leadership and whatever the future may bring.

Do you want to help your team deliver/ Build individual and group communications skills?


Create a happier team by design, and improve retention.


Is your organizational culture what you want it to be? Do your processes support that culture and enable teams to work well together?


Build - or rebuild - your organizational culture and processes. Create an environment in which everyone thrives. See measurable improvement in outcomes.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

You're already a strong, purpose-driven leader, but you don't have all the answers. Partnering with a coach is a powerful method for enhancing your impact - and preserving your sanity.

My approach is highly consultative - I'll ask all the important coaching questions, and also share alternative perspectives with clear recommendations and suggestions.

Whether you're working on improving communication styles, building your team, navigating transitions, or looking to more effectively deliver outcomes, your coaching experience can be truly transformative.

"Faced with a team who didn’t like one another, Robin helped me see how building trust could improve the work environment for all of us. Focusing on trust moved personality to the sidelines in an extraordinarily useful way.

Robin’s ability to unpack decision processes allowed me to see how I could articulate the things I knew and the ends I wanted to achieve. And then she helped me identify management strategies to connect the dots between them."

Sally Flanzer

Retired from


How I Can Help

Organizational change, developing and implementing strategy, and improving client relations are among the most complex tasks any senior leader faces.

Working with a seasoned senior executive who's learned from their successes (and failures) can help produce your desired results. From partnering on the design of your efforts to reviewing your planned approach, an independent view can help identify key success factors and support your implementation.


I've been coaching leaders at all levels and teams of all sizes for more than 15 years. I've led multiple successful organizational change efforts, designed and led client relations training in a 5,000 person organization, and built the strategy that doubled revenue in the division that I led while enabling us to launch a new line of business.

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