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Executive Coaching and Facilitation

For leaders in health care, public health, government, and nonprofits.

A Different Set of Skills

You want to be the kind of leader who gets stuff done and takes good care of your team. 


The challenge?


Being a successful researcher, clinician, or manager got you here. But leading a high-performing team to deliver results requires a different set of skills. 


Sharpen Leadership Communication Skills

​Learn to inspire and influence others so you can create clarity, get more done, and expand your reach.

I’m Robin Weinick, former healthcare research executive turned leadership coach. I’ll help you gain confidence and traction in your leadership role and help your team work better together.

There’s no magic here. Just three key skills you can master to increase your impact:
Cultivate a Cohesive Team Culture

Help your team commit to each other's success and stay focused on achieving results together.

Achieve Mission-Moving Business Goals

Focus, plan, and set expectations to rise above day-to-day distractions and make a bigger impact.


Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Your Leadership?

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